Near Mejiro Station – Terrace house with a lot of greenery


A 9-minute walk from Mejiro Station on the JR Yamanote Line. This is one of the five newly built terrace houses in a quiet residential area. The house is designed for sale, so every detail has been carefully thought out, including the entrance wash basin, sophisticated system kitchen, spacious bathroom, storage under the stairs, natural wood flooring, and two toilets.

On the first floor is an open living/dining room with a ceiling height of 2.9 meters. Beyond the full-height windows on the south side of the ceiling, there is a garden, providing excellent ventilation and sunlight. On the second floor, there are three private rooms and a washroom. On the second floor, there are three private rooms and a washroom/bathroom, and each room has a loft, so there’s no need to worry about storage space.

The name of the building, “Casa Verde,” means “green house” in Portuguese. As the name suggests, red pine trees, magnolias, cherry blossoms, and autumn leaves grow in the garden, giving the house a seasonal appearance. There are also rare tree species such as the

lusterleaf holly and loquat, which are rare in the city. The neighborhood is within walking distance of Otomoyama Park, Elementary School, Junior High School, and nursery, making it a very comfortable place to live.

In addition to Mejiro Station on the Yamanote Line, Takadanobaba Station and Shimo-Ochiai Station are also within walking distance. It is an attractive area with good access to Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, while being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The building is designed by KINO architects, an architectural design firm that has won numerous awards in Japan and abroad. This is one of our top picks for those who were not satisfied with other properties.

  • The living room has a ceiling height of 2.9 meters and full height windows.

  • An automatic water faucet at the entrance.

  • The sophisticated kitchen brand, GRAFTEKT, comes with 3 gas burners, a grill, and a dishwasher.

  • As the name "Casa Verge" suggests, the building has a deep green exterior.

  • There is a large storage space under the stairs.

  • There are two toilets, one on the first floor and one on the second floor.

  • Spacious bathrooms.

  • Each of the three private rooms has a loft.

350,000 yen
Common service fee
5,000 yen
9 min. walk from "Mejiro" Station (JR Yamanote Line)
12 min. walk from "Takadanobaba" Station (JR Yamanote Line)
13 min. walk from "Shimo-Ochiai" Station (Seibu Shinjuku Line)
Room D, Casa Verde, 2-25-9 Shimo-Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1st and 2nd floor total 79.98㎡ (+ loft 16.77㎡)
Floor Plan
Building Structure
2 stories of wood and partially reinforced concrete
Year Built
Aug. 2021
1 month
Key money
1 month
Brokerage fee
1 month
Air Conditioner (4 units), Bath tub, Toilet with hot water supply, Separate washroom, Place for washing machine in the room, System kitchen (3-lot gas stove, Grill, Dish washer/dryer), NURO Hikari (tenant pays for the contract), Intercom with monitor, Delivery box (shared), Closet, Shoe box, Balcony, Good sunlight, Good view
Fire Insurance
Guarantee Company
Contract details
Fixed-term lease
Contract period
5 years
Current status
in the middle of September
Smoking Not Allowed, Pets Not Allowed, Room Share Not Allowed, SOHO Allowed, No Parking Lot, Bicycle Parking Lot Available