A common grave in Fukuoka


In response to the growing need for a new form of cemetery due to a declining birthrate and aging population and changing views of life and death, Fukuoka City will develop a “common grave” is a cemetery where many people are buried, and in recent years it has become common in Japan.
The site is a cemetery that was originally built by cutting down a mountain, leaving only a small amount of the original mountain and creating a park at the foot of the mountain at Hirao Cemetary.
The mountains that were once carved to make the Hirao Cemetery. As if to restore the greenery, we proposed a plan to extend the mountain’s edge and fill the burial chamber under the mountain’s edge. The deceased will be laid to rest, embraced by the mountains, and the dedication table set up at the foot of the mountain and inside the arc-shaped wall surrounding the dedication table will be an extraordinary place to remember the deceased.
On the outside of the arc-shaped wall is a park square, which is used by local residents on a daily basis, and is lush with trees. The only thing you can see from the plaza is the greenery of the mountain, and the flower stand is not reflected. The deceased will be embraced by the mountain to sleep, and those who are left behind will spend time in the mountain square in front of the mountain thinking of the deceased and being watched over by the deceased.
As a public grave, we would like to create a grave where all people can remember the deceased without the image of a particular religion.

Fukuoka, Japan
principal use
burial chamber, place of worship, park, management building
site area
total floor area
burial chamber building : 336.75 ㎡, place of flower offering : 36.18 ㎡, resting place : 86.38 ㎡, management building : 101.77 ㎡, place of worship : 398.55 ㎡, passage : 359.55 ㎡
March, 2021
Kai Nakamura