Tokyo headquarters of


The Tokyo headquarters of, a human resource consulting firm specializing in the food industry, with the motto “Creating the future of food and people”. We designed one floor of an office building in Ginza, Tokyo.
Many people visit Cuolega every day for interviews. We wanted to create an office that would make people feel that there are many possibilities for the future when they visit with hopes and fears.
The entrance hall is lined with 38 doors that lead to the future. On the other side of the doors are interview rooms, and beyond the interview rooms is a view of the city of Tokyo.
When they enter the interview room, they can see the city through the window, and on the other side, the hall looks like a courtyard through the door.
While the room is bright and open, each interview room is independent from the other, creating an environment where people can discuss their future in peace.
The aim was to create a place where people can leave the interview rooms feeling good and ready to move forward.

Tokyo, Japan
principal use
May, 2018