Mount Ontake Visitor Centers


This is a design proposal for two visitor centers in the Ontakesan area of Nagano Prefecture. The design concept is to understand the volcano and connect it to the next generation. The visitor centers will be located in the “Mountain Area” in Mitake Prefectural Park, which is frequented by mountaineers, and in the “Village Area” at the foot of the mountain, which is easily visited by tourists throughout the year.
The Mountain Visitor Center will be located right in front of Mount Ontake. The symbolism of Mount Ontake is overwhelming. With the presence of Mt. Ontake, we felt that what is required is not the symbolism but the role of a medium to connect the mountain and people. The architecture should not block the rich activities of the mountain.We wanted to create a new experience with the architecture. In order not to spoil the view from the existing parking lot level, we took advantage of the difference in site levels to keep the height of the building low.
We didn’t want the new building to stand alone and look shabby, even though there are existing facilities such as the roadside station on the site of the village visitor center. We have decided to repeat the same over-roof design as the existing facility. The roofs of the old and new buildings have been created as a group landscape, and the roofs will continue to be used in the future when they are extended and remodeled.
The two visitor centers are designed to preserve the beautiful natural environment and the scenery of the village.

Nagano, Japan
principal use
visitor centers
total floor area
mountain 497㎡ village 488㎡
proposal date